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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Album Review: Green Day- ¡Dos!

Green Day's tenth studio album and the second installation in their 2012 Album trilogy is the strangest release by the punk revivalists to date. "Dos!" gives off a far more power-pop (as promised by Billie Joe Armstrong) than the September release "Uno!" Uno was about punk and a return to Green Day's original roots after two much more serious albums "American Idiot" and "21st Century Breakdown." "Dos" immediately starts slow with the mellow acoustic "See You Tonight" which in my opinion really comes off as corny considering the tracks that follow it. I wasn't too high on "Fuck Time" because it was very repetitive and much too slow for a song that simple.

 My favorite song on the album is "Lazy Bones." It may be only instance on the record where I actually enjoy the new bubblegum-pop Green Day song. It is very upbeat and guitars just sound FANTASTIC. I still can't really get over that. "Stray Heart" made no sense to me when it came out as a single, but within the context of the entire record, I really enjoyed swingy style of it. It emulates past musicians that may have definitely influenced the band.

By the time "Nightlife" rolled around I had to play it twice to believe it. What the fuck is a shitty pop female rapper doing in a Green Day record? Yes it's true, on track 11 of their new record, Billie Joe sings a duet with Lady Cobra. May I add that although Lady Cobra's part is obviously terrible, the lyricism from Armstrong is also abysmal in this song! Replace his voice with the voice of a pop artist like Justin Bieber or something and it would sound no different. Which really bugged me for a number of reasons.

First of all, Green Day is a rock band and recruiting Lady Cobra should have been a total no-no if they wanted to maintain this reputation. Also, I can deal with the new sounds from Green Day on this record because they are being artists and experimenting in ways that are interesting to them. However, "Nightlife" is an immediate indication to me that the band is doing this for the attention and to attract a new pop fan base. I mean seriously what other point is there?

Overall, Dos! was a huge disappointment to me. Green Day tried some new things here and I simply wasn't a fan of how they went about. What more can I say? I hope Tre! is a little better.

Final Score: 3 out of 10

Very Bad.