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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Track Review: "From Can't to Can't" - Sound City Movie

Yesterday Dave Grohl and the rest of the Sound City Movie team released another track from their forthcoming album. According to the official facebook page, the new track, "From Can't to Can't" featuring Slipknot's Corey Taylor, Dave Grohl, and Cheap Trick's Rick Nielsen, was released because things were getting "leaky" on the "internets".

Corey Taylor did announce some time ago that he was recording with Dave Grohl and Butch Vig for the Sound City project and naturally all of the die-hard Slipknot fans went nuts after hearing the news. I went nuts and I don't even like Slipknot. The thing is I do like Corey Taylor and I also love Dave Grohl so naturally a collaboration with such starpower and pomp should be awesome, heavy, passionate and unbelievable! Right?

Upon first listen, "From Can't to Can't" was unbelievably confusing to me. Immediately Corey Taylor's voice came off as soft yet paranoid as if he was ever so close to unleashing the monster of a voice he has. In fact, that's what this ENTIRE song was to me. Grohl's drums were even a bit more laid back than usual. The problem was that this song had the potential for ALL the power in the world and it only had a few moments of greatness.

Don't get me wrong, when these moments of greatness come, they are very powerful and are truly the highlights of the song. In reality, this song was really hurt by the fact that it was Corey Taylor's only appearance on this collaborative album. By this, I mean that the song was a bit of a leap and the metal-fans and even the casual listeners would have much more enjoyed some classic Corey Taylor screaming and angst. However, most fans don't like the truth as musicians have found out time and time again. At least it's a good thing Dave Grohl doesn't give a shit which is why I and millions of others admire him so much.

Now I want to know, What did you think of this Collaboration? Love it? Hate it? How could it have been better?

Please Comment down below if you could be so kind.