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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Music Taste

Yeah, I'm aware that everyone enjoys different amount of music. Take me for example. I can go from grunge to pop punk and still be entertained. I also respect that everyone loves different music. But just because you think a certain band, song or genre is really cool DOESN'T MEAN I DO ALSO.

I am just about sick of people coming up to me and saying that I'm stupid because I don't listen to metal or that I'm insensitive because I hate folk music or softer stuff. The bottomline is that your musical taste does not define you as a person. If anything, it's the other way around. I've also met people who totally contradict their personalities with music taste. My one friend loves hip hop and dupstep but is also a huge fan of alternative rock. So yeah, there is always room for more musical experimentation. Which brings me to my next point.

Have you ever had that friend that would REFUSE to listen to any type of music besides the one that THEY think is awesome? Well I sure as hell do. My friend loves bands like Green Day and Sum 41 but also loves bands like Of Monsters and Men and Imagine Dragons. I swear to god, it is impossible to get him to like new music. For example, I tried exposing him to the Motherfucking BEATLES, and he said they weren't for him. Yeah, my foot. I have found that no matter what type of music fan you are, there is always one Beatles record or phase that intrigues you. It is a proven fact. For example I love the White Album, Abbey Road, and Let it Be while others may prefer Revolver and Rubber Soul. It just strikes me as arrogant when someone won't even be open to liking new music. It's a damn shame. You could miss out on some great new music.