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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hello.. I guess

I have been thoroughly contemplating starting a blog like this because I felt like I had some interesting things to say about music specifically. Naturally however, I lacked the decisiveness to start this because I am a very indecisive person. But I'm here and I'm basically just going to voice my opinions about the Music Industry and music that I enjoy (or don't enjoy) and tell you what I think about these things. I know that absolutely NO ONE will listen to or read this but I could care less. It's really for me only anyways.

I'm pretty musically confused when it comes to my music taste. I started out loving classic rock music. You know your basic Beatles, Doors, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and the Who. But recently over the years I have really, really started to get into the modern alternative rock and punk. Some of my favorite bands are the bands like Nirvana, The White Stripes, Muse, Radiohead, Green Day, Blink 182, and especially Foo Fighters. They were really the first band that even got me into music in the first place.

I also play the drums so I'm really inclined to "think like a drummer" when i first hear music. It's a habit, I can't really help it at this point. But I love the drums. Some of my favorite drummers are Dave Grohl, John Bonham, Mike Portnoy, Dave Elitch and Thomas Lang.

Musically as a whole I have really been enlightened to life as a whole by a few people. First off John Lennon. Everything the man stood for was just accurate and peaceful. Also, the way he carried himself and the way he performed was the perfect balance between rockstar and humility for me. My main musical inspiration and one of my favorite people ever is Kurt Cobain. After hearing every Nirvana Record and hearing every interview he has ever given I have come to a conclusion, Kurt was too smart for his own good. He had everything figured about all people everywhere. He loved and respected human nature but had a scary awareness for the corruption that polluted their souls. Often misunderstood as a pessimistic, down on life, rock star, Kurt was one of the greatest people to walk this planet. It's a shame he was so angry at the world when he decided to kill himself.

So that's me. Musically at least. I would love to start doing this kind of thing frequently. The dream is to do it for a living but even I think that's crazy at this point. So we'll just see how it goes.