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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

KINGS OF LEON - DOUBLE TRACK REVIEW - "Supersoaker" and "Wait for Me"

Nashville soul rockers Kings of Leon are at it again as the band returned over the past few weeks with two new singles, "Supersoaker" and "Wait for Me", both in anticipation of their newest upcoming studio LP, Mechanical Bull which is scheduled for a September 24th release under RCA records. These singles sound very different but nonetheless still possess that tonal quality that makes a Kings of Leon song so unique.


 Upon first listen this track immediately stuck with me. The chorus is catchy, the rhythms are pretty funky and the guitar tone is just as good as it has always been with Kings of Leon. This track has the potential to be another of the countless anthemic hits that Kings of Leon have delivered over the years. Sure it will be immediately compared to "Sex on Fire" or "Use Somebody" but that's not really pertinent at all. Different album different sound as far as I am concerned. This song is big, catchy and successful single for Kings of Leon. Good track and it already sounds like it will be a great live tune from the band as well.


Definitely the mellower of the two new Kings of Leon tracks, "Wait for Me" is soulful and the guitar riff and rhythmic pattern is very musically strong. First and foremost, I have always regarded these guys as musicians. No matter what you think of their message as a band or the way they conduct themselves, you have to admit that these guys are very talented and capable in the art of writing strong and catchy rock songs. As I stated before "Wait for Me" is slower and a bit more romantic than "Supersoaker". There times in the chorus where it doles on a bit aimlessly but towards the end especially the rhythm section picks up and the lead and the vocals catch up to create a really nice payoff for the final moments of the song. Overall, these two tracks are very good and I am excited for Mechanical Bull next month.