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Friday, August 9, 2013

MGMT - "Your Life is a Lie" - TRACK REVIEW

MGMT is getting even weirder as impossible as that sounds and I for one am absolutely thrilled with what I have heard from the group's latest single , "Your Life is a Lie", because it has just made me so much more excited for the band's new self-titled album which will release in September.

Until now all I had seen relating to MGMT's newest album was a live video of a new song called "Alien Days" which was also very out there and very enjoyable. However, this new single takes the peculiarity of MGMT to a completely different level. The melody and hook is repetive and simple but the percussion and background rhythms seem to resemble music from the Flaming Lips in that it is psychadelic but still fun and high-spirited.

The music video for "Your Life is a Lie " is just as strange as the song. I can't even begin to explain what I saw in that video so you should probably just watch it for yourselves. MGMT's artistic integrity and general lack of care for the rules has been what has defined them over the past few years. Sure Oracular Spectacular was great. But they really colored outside the lines with Congratulations which made me love it even more. I am looking forward to great things from these guys.