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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Eminem - Berzerk - TRACK REVIEW

Guess who's back?....again. Yes it's true, during the VMA's Detroit rapper and notorious legend of hip-hop, Eminem announced his official 8th studio LP The Marshall Mathers LP 2 through a pair of commercials which also credited Rick Rubin and Dr. Dre as the two producers. In addition, two clips of Eminem's thrashing, punk-rap, Beastie Boys tribute single, "Berzerk" were played in the background while Eminem danced around looking bad-ass in Dre's Beats headphones. All this while he was in England fresh off a headlining set at Reading Festival. Hey, at least he didn't have to attend that painfully bad VMA award show.

Personally I am really excited for the new Eminem material. He did recently drop a new track for Call of Duty's upcoming game entitled, "Survival" but I wasn't really too fond of it. So for this single I was really keen on hearing but Eminem has been working on in secrecy for this time.

Truthfully, this single confuses me. I understand that the guitars, heavy beat and the yelping/screaming are all a tribute to the Beastie Boys but there are times where Eminem sounds kind of clean-cut when he's doing these things. For example, as hot as the first verse of the track is, it seems to cool down by the end as Eminem's rap is kind of standard. The chorus is very strange as well. It's kind of chopped up and in between Eminem dully singing "Let your Beard Out", the song immediately explodes as Em screams "All Night Long". The second verse is a little more in the style of the Eminem that I like. He sounds a bit more paranoid and some of his quipping and jabbing is actually kind of funny.

However, this is the problem with Eminem at this point for me. As a kid and even a teenager, I grew up listening to Eminem's music. I loved his older work and even his newer albums like Recovery. The thing was there were SOO many faces of Eminem. There was angry Eminem, sad Eminem, crazy Eminem, and of course Slim Shady. So with this song especially, I don't really get a sense as to what Eminem is really going for on this album and I think as a single, "Berzerk" should have done that a little more.

As for whether or not I actually liked it, I did. But I really am not sure why yet. Is it because the music Eminem is putting out is actually quality and good for his craft, or is it just that I'm feeling nostalgic. While I figure that out let me know what you think in the comments below.

Are you excited for Eminem's new return album?

What do you think of his new single, Berzerk?