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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Arctic Monkeys - "Why'd You Only Call me When You're High?" TRACK REVIEW

One of the hottest British alt-rock bands has come back with a new single for their 5th studio album, AM, which will release on September 9th. Arctic Monkeys were last heard from with the release Suck it and See and I felt the album lacked some of the flavor or energy that their earlier albums had. With this new single almost comedically named, "Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High", the Arctic Monkeys seem to be turning towards more of a pop direction.

The track's overall groove is pretty slow-paced and the instruments feature the elements of a typical Arctic Monkeys track with the drums, bass and guitar all sounding pretty edgy. However, as I said before the track has some falsetto harmonies during the chorus to accompany Alex Turner's beloved signature vocals. Overall, the track is EXTREMELY catchy. I'll be honest, I've caught myself singing along to myself over the past few days. And I have to say it really makes sense to me for the Arctic Monkeys to venture into this direction. Their fanbase is young and very largely female. They are also very popular in Britain so turing more to Brit-pop could help them do very well. At the same time, a part of me will miss the passion and energy of earlier Arctic Monkeys but I have learned to cope with some of favorite bands changing their sounds. Overall, this single could have been much worse but it isn't too special.