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Monday, April 22, 2013

Daft Punk - Get Lucky (Featuring Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers) - TRACK REVIEW

I'm sorry, I just had to. I myself am a HUGE fan of Daft Punk. I think that the French electro duo of Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter are WAY ahead of their time as musicians and performers as proven by their tight sounds and grooves as well as their crazy awesome live costumes and concert stage lights.

 Daft Punk has not been heard from since they worked on the soundtrack for the movie "Tron Legacy" (This soundtrack is absolutely incredible by the way and everyone should check it out). While collaborating on this soundtrack, the duo fiddled around with a few sounds and grooves which led to demos for a new album. However, Daft Punk were not satisfied with these demos as they sounded too robotic and synthetic. So the duo came with the idea of utilizing live singers rather than samples on this album to make it sound fresh and organic. This led to a bunch of new songs which led to the making of the new album Random Access Memories which will be released on May 21.

The first single off of the new album from Daft Punk, "Get Lucky", was inevitably shrouded with a TON of hype simply because it was the first fans were hearing from Daft Punk in years. The song was teased via a trailer at the Coachella Music festival earlier this month and trailers were also aired on a few episodes of Saturday Night Live. To add to the impending buzz, Daft Punk fans remixed the song and put them on the internet claiming them to be originals. Needless to say, this new single had an OUTSTANDING amount of hype.

However, Daft Punk quelled all rumors and fabrications by releasing the song at 12:01 AM last Friday. Now that I heard the full single with Pharrell Williams singing on it and Nile Rodgers playing the guitar, I am finally able to think clearly about "Get Lucky" and it is incredible. The smooth and intelligent disco vibe is very warm and welcoming to all listeners and Pharrell's voice sounds damn good on this track!

Also, the chorus is so freaking catchy with that irresistible groove accompanying Pharrell Williams' falsetto vocals as he talks about staying up all night to get lucky. My favorite part of the song is actually right after the second chorus when the drums are stopped and the entire track mellows out with the vocals continuing on alone. This is then followed by classic Daft Punk with the heavy, robotic and chopped up techno version of the vocals. Then comes that glorious little keyboard solo at the fade out which completes the song.

All in all, this track is fantastic. At least it completely succeeded in pumping me up completely for Random Access Memories in one month. Daft Punk are absolute masters of their art. They are at the top of their game as proven by this single and like I said before, I will be intently waiting their new album for more.