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Saturday, November 10, 2012

My Favorite Blink-182 Songs

In honor of both Tom DeLonge and Mark Hoppus both tweeting about a new Blink EP before the holidays, I have decided to post 10 of my favorite songs from the the pop-punk superstars.

Before I start I need to say that ever since I discovered the music from Blink-182, I have loved the music they put out. One of the main reasons is because I play the drums and Travis Barker comes up with some very creative, and unorthodox drumming ideas. People for some reason hate Travis Barker and even though I agree he isn't the greatest drummer or anything like that, he really brings some originality to the table. Plus he is incredibly talented. My favorite Blink album is Take Off Your Pants and Jacket so I'm sorry if a lot of the songs from there pop up on this list. As for the singing in Blink-182, people obviously make fun of Tom DeLonge's voice but I love it. It sounds very raw and cool (although he is TERRIBLE live). That being said, I generally enjoy Mark's songs more often than Tom's songs. I don't why exactly. So without further ado, here's the list.

10. Natives- (Neighborhoods)

   This song is SO strange. The beginning has a very unorthodox drum groove that totally deviates from the guitar riff. Then come the verses which feature some really amped up, symbolic lyrics from Tom DeLonge that show me he definitely grew musically during the Hiatus. As usual, the band puts a bridge in the middle of the song during which Travis does some INSANE drumming with upbeat snare hits mixed in with the hi hats. Overall, this song to me is the most apparent sign of growth on the Neighborhoods record, which is why I love it.

9.  Happy Holidays, You Bastard- (Take Off Your Pants and Jacket)
  The first time I heard this I just laughed my ass of and thought it a crude joke (And it was probably supposed to be one), but I listened to it more and more and I slowly dissected the drum parts and determined it was the hardest song Travis Barker had ever written with the band. Nevermind that it is incredibly fast in tempo, but it features some really difficult fills and a few random accents on the ride cymbal during the chorus. I am still trying to figure it out myself. Nonetheless, awesome little song.

8. The Rock Show- (Take Off Your Pants and Jacket)
  This song is just really kickass from beginning to end. It is the prototypical Blink-182 song which is why I love it. The Drums are really bombastic on the whole record but in this song in particular. I also of course love Mark's vocals throughout the whole thing. Another upside, it has a really hilarious music video which is always a plus for any song.
7. Anthem Part Two- (Take Off Your Pants and Jacket)
This song is simply a call to arms for all teenagers everywhere. Tom DeLonge always brought up some of these themes throughout Blink's earlier stuff. My favorite part is the instrumentation. From the awesome tom-beat in the verse, to the awesome guitar riff, to Mark's bass solo, I think it's safe to say this is one of Blink's stronger songs.

6. Wishing Well- (Neighborhoods)
I always thought this was the best song Tom has written. EVER. For anything, Blink, AVA, Box Car Racer, you name it. The lyrics are the most intriguing part to me. If you actually analyze them, they are very dark and talk of distress. However, the mood of the song especially parts like the intro and the chorus is VERY upbeat and bright. This little contradictory notion is one of the reasons why I love music. Artists can express themselves in multiple ways through the same piece of art.
5. Dumpweed- (Enema of the State)
This song is an opener, plain and simple. It draws you in immediately with that familiar riff, and then all of a sudden takes a very high energy turn for the best. I don't know why I love this song so much but I just do. Anytime I hear those high hat hits in the beginning I can't help but get excited. This song also sets up the rest of this album very nicely.
4. First Date- (Take Off Your Pants and Jacket)
That opening drum fill. Just wow. Easily the best part of the song for me, but there are more reasons why it is arguably one of Blink-182's best songs. For one, the lyrics are very catchy. Also, it is once again written in the typical Blink-182 pop-punk style (Intro,Verse,Chorus,Verse,Chorus,Bridge,Double Chorus). That is it. It's just a classic for me and I still love it a lot. Plus, the immaturity of this music video will never get old.
3. Online Songs- (Take Off Your Pants and Jacket)
This one of the fastest Blink Songs since Travis joined the band. Like I said earlier, all of the songs Mark writes are awesome and this a prime example. The melody is really drawing. My favorite part is when Mark sings "Na, na, na" and the tempo shifts along with the drum parts. Once again another timeless Blink-182 song which will always remain one of my favorites. (Also, this Youtube lyric video is ABSOLUTELY SICK)

2. Feeling This- Blink 182
 Such an awesome song from the band. It is very unpredictable with many different parts. Each part however delivers something new. From the warped drum opening from Travis to the distant sound of Tom highly yelling the lyrics, "Feeling This" has a lot to offer to the average listener. Although this album overall is pretty terrible with the exception of a few songs, I will say this is the defining moment of it. It is also the opener on Blink's recent tour which is very fitting in my eyes.

1. Heart's All Gone- (Neighborhoods)
Any hardcore Blink-182 fan will absolutely HATE me for listing a song from Neighborhoods as my favorite. To those fans I say shut the fuck up because Neighborhoods is the band's second best album. Particularly this song. I heard it and I was immediately in awe and with reason. Travis Barker puts on an absolute show behind the drum kit. I love hearing him play some of those fills in transition to the verses. Also, this song is in the high-energy punk style that Blink used early in their career but it is recorded with that incredibly unique Neighborhoods sound, which makes it better for me. Also, Mark's lyrics and vocals on this track really strike me. He is a great songwriter and this is example 1. I would be remiss if I didn't mention the awesome interlude that precedes the song, because it sets up beautifully what I feel is the best Blink-182 song.